Amazing Recipes Using DALES GOLD

All the recipes use Dalesgold rapeseed oil which we have tried and tested at home first, so can highly recommend.   We will keep adding new ideas so please keep popping back to this page – we will be adding photos too to tempt you further.  Don’t just take our word for it – see the links for wonderful alternative recipes using rapeseed oil. 

Steak – get your pan/griddle smoking hot – drizzle a little garlic Dalesgold rapeseed oil over one side of the steak, and spread for full coverage. Pop in the hot pan until cooked to your liking. Repeat for the other side.

Lemon chicken – a really easy recipe and a very tasty alternative to roast chicken – baste a whole chicken in lemon Dalesgold rapeseed oil. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze juice over chicken and place inside body cavity. Use a whole garlic – cut off the top, across all the cloves, and again place whole garlic in body cavity. Sprinkle bird very generously with dry oregano. Cut 3-4 red onions into quarters, baste in Dalesgold rapeseed oil and place along side the chicken in an oven tray. Cook at 200°C for 15mins/450g plus 15mins extra, no need to cover with foil, or rebaste. Allow chicken to rest while making the sauce. Add a glass of white wine to the cooking tray and scrape off all the tasty morsels from the tray, allow to warm gently. Add a little stock and thicken as required.

Roast potatoes – after peeling the potatoes cut to size and par boil for approximately 10mins. Drain and then shake gently to ‘fluff’ up the outer. Cover generously in Dalesgold rapeseed oil and roast for approximatley 90mins at 190°C, turning them and rebasting every 30mins. if you like small roasties, reduce boiling and roasting times accordingly. For alternative roasties baste in garlic oil and springle with rosemary, or if you are very brave try them with chilli oil.

Pasta – stir through your chosen flavoured Dalesgold rapeseed oil for added flavour. We like Lemon oil in Couscous and with pasta when accompanying fish.

Carrot cake – the best carrot cake ever – so good the recipe is sufficient for 2 cakes – make one and pop one in the freezer – it won’t stay there long!