Our Beef

Our cattle are bred for their taste. The breeding is based on the native Aberdeen Angus crossed with a small amount of other breeds so they achieve good growth rates from natural fodder, and a marbling effect in the meat which provides the best taste. Other characteristics include the cows been easy calvers, reducing the number of problems associated with calving and they also have very good maternal instincts.

Most of our calves are born in the spring and spend their first spring and summer outside with their mums on our specially seeded grass and clover pasture. When the weather turns poor in late Autumn they come into our well ventilated sheds to be fed on fodder - silage (preserved grass) and hay along with a little barley and beans, all of which is home grown, for a well balanced diet to keep them fit and ensure they keep growing throughout the winter. The straw we use for bedding up is also grown on the farm, a by product of our barley and wheat harvest.

They are weaned from their mothers when they are approximately 9 months old to allow mum to rest before her next calf is born. The following spring they go out again to fresh pasture in the same batch of calves they have spent the winter with and by the end of that summer they have matured.

We work closely with our vets to maintain a high health herd status. We have a closed herd (ie nothing brought in, apart from new bulls) which keeps infections to a minimum. The bulls we select are chosen from farms with a high health herd status also. Should antibiotic treatment be necessary as advised by the vet we ensure these animals are not selected for our home beef sales.

Our cattle spend their whole life on our farm, with the same group of animals and tended by the same farmers, resulting in contented animals. When they leave the farm, to keep stress to a minimum, they go to a registered small local abattoir and butcher who hangs the beef for at least 3 weeks to ensure the taste and tenderness is maximised and packs it for us to sell direct to our customers at our pick your own on Springfield Farm during the soft fruit season only or at the farm gate at Glebe Farm.

Home bred pasture fed.